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Wayne Clark, Canada - Fiction-other
D. L. Rogers, USA - Fiction-other
Darlien C. Breeze, USA - Fiction-other
Ronald L. Herron, USA - Young Adults
Kass Ghayouri, Canada - Fiction other
Rena Winters, USA - Fiction other
Franny Armstrong, Canada - Romance
Vicki-Ann Bush, USA - Fiction other
Janet K. Shawgo, USA - Fiction other
Cheryl Meyer, USA - Nonfiction other
Bernard J. Fleury, USA - Nonfiction other
Robin Christensen, USA - Fiction other 
Elizabeth Ferry-Perata, USA - Romance
Jeryn Alise Turner, USA - Spirituality
S. H. Montgomery, USA - Fiction other
Brian Aull, USA - Nonfiction other
Craig Stellpflug, USA - Christian 
Guy R. Phillips, USA - Fiction other
C. L. Hunter, USA - Romance
S.W. Frontz, USA - Fiction other
Violetta Armour, USA - Young Adults
Richard Trayler, USA - Spirituality/Religion
Danielle Pajak, USA - Spirituality/Religion
Dr. Nicole Audet, Canada - Children's Books
Ambika Devi, USA - Nonfiction other
Salvatore Esposito, USA - Young Adults
Ankit Shukla, USA - Nonfiction other
Ruth Finnegan, UK - Nonfiction other
Bozena Zawisz, Australia - Spirituality/Religion
Jill Brennan, Australia - Nonfiction other
Doug Carnine, USA - Nonfiction other
Marge Dawson, South Africa - Nonfiction other
Donna Louis, USA - Spirituality/Religion
Cindy C Murray, USA - Children's Books
Mark D Walker, USA - Memoirs
Joseph Ganci, USA - Spirituality/Religion
M.L. Ruscsak, USA - Fiction other
Marie Joy, USA - Children's Books
Manoj Shrivastava, India - Nonfiction other
Christina M. Pages, USA - Children's Books
Julie D Penshorn, USA - Children's Books
Katrina Shawver, USA - Nonfiction other
Cristina Carballo-Perelman, M.D.
Shinese M. Collins, USA - Spirituality/Religion
Danny Berardinelli, USA - Fiction other
William L. Ingram, USA - Memoirs
Amy S. Kwei, USA - Fiction other
Shankar Kashyap, United Kingdom - Fiction other
Andrea Foy, USA - Memoirs
Robert Joe Stout, Mexico - Fiction other
Leila Lynne Leidtke, USA - Children's Books
Jody Sharpe, USA - Fiction other
Charlotte Canion, USA - Nonfiction other